Expert Advice on How to Organise Your Wedding Caterer

Expert Advice on How to Organise Your Wedding Caterer

Expert Advice on How to Organise Your Wedding Caterer

Expert Advice on How to Organise Your Wedding Caterer

Deciding on your wedding caterer is a little more complicated than attending a tasting or two and deciding whether you’ll serve beef, chicken, or fish. There are all sorts of details you’ll want to share with your caterer as you’re planning what will influence your menu, the type of service you decide, and the experience your guests have. 

Want to make your first meal as husband and wife totally memorable for you and your guests? These catering pros are sharing the information they’ll need from you to make this celebratory dinner one everyone will enjoy.

When it comes to the biggest investment you make on your wedding day, it’s almost always the food.

And with good reason. Not only does the food anchor a great event, but sitting down to a meal with all your favourite people in the world is a pretty special thing.


There’s nothing worse than allowing your wedding guests to go hungry at your reception. The easiest way to find out if your guests have particular dietary requirements is to include a special box on your invitation. Using this box, your guest can indicate if they require some special attention when it comes to food, so they aren’t left hungry, disgruntled, and wanting to leave early to get something to eat.

It’s very important to check on your guest’s dietary requirements when asking for the RSVP.

We get lots of comments on how brilliant the vegetarian or gluten-free options were, and all caterers will know how to spoil these guests as well.

Have a quick check around with your guests what’s required then let your caterers know so they can organise a delicious feast for all your guests.

Go For Seasonal Food To Provide Options

There are many options to consider when deciding on the food you will serve your guests on your wedding day. 

First, you have to decide how many guests you will be expecting. This will help you narrow down the style of your meal buffet, sit-down dinner, light or heavy hors d’oeuvres, etc. 

Then, you have to decide what food you will have. While it may seem overwhelming at this point, we’re here to help you narrow down your options and make your planning easier.

The quickest and easiest way to whittle down your options is to choose foods according to the season your wedding falls in. Each season has foods that suit it better than others. Picking a season-appropriate menu will help you serve your guests flavours that will delight and exceed their expectations.

Everyone wants their wedding food to be absolutely perfect, and what’s more perfect than serving your guests deliciously seasonal food?

Being in a season not only means that your food tastes better but also that the ingredients are readily available locally.

Keeping it seasonal will ensure your menu is cost-effective and also means you’re getting the ingredients at their best. A seasonal menu will make sure you are off to a good start.


Having a food budget is very important for your wedding, not only for you but also for the caterer.

It’s easier for caterers to bring together a perfect menu for you if they know how much you’d like to spend on the food.

Any caterer can prepare brilliant menus at all budgets, once disclosed you can let the caterer present different, fun and exciting options to choose from. Think of it as another thing off your plate.

Prepare a thoughtful budget for food based on your priorities and be upfront with your caterer about where you need to stay financially, you have to consider other expenses such as wedding venue, dresses, your bridal-shower and if your husband will have a bucks night. Though we recommend some bucks night ideas that will save your budget. We can be creative to try to work your favourites into the menu, but don’t want you to fall in love with items that aren’t realistic when it comes to the numbers

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