Eat for your Life

Eat for your Life is a special book by celebrity chef Alison Taafe which she has written from the heart with so much love – not only for sister Laura, but for all who suffer ill health. Alison’s message is that health should be our number one priority and so her book explains what our body needs – the vitamins, fats, proteins, amino acids and more. Eat for your Life is jam-packed with information and delicious recipes – you’ll glean so much from it. Most of all, you’ll be touched by the love, the special ingredient Alison has included on every page.

Professor Ian Brighthope, M.D. introduces Eat for your Life by Alison Taafe.

At last I have discovered a book of recipes that I can recommend to all my patients, health care professional colleagues, doctors, medical specialists, politicians and everyone concerned about the epidemic of nutritionally related degenerative diseases such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes and autoimmune disorders that are killing us and bankrupting the world’s health care systems. This is a book that is not only easy to read and understand, but is also jam packed with fabulous recipes containing all the ingredients and nutrients to combat these problems. A wonderful book and a wonderful read…

Professor Ian Brighthope, M.D.
Melbourne, Australia